Happy Mother's Day to me!

I can’t believe I have been a mother for almost 12 years…. I know so many of my friends from my Cali days still can’t believe not only that I have children, but that I didn’t eat them. The first diaper I changed was in fact my own daughter, Charley’s diaper. It’s true, I thought I wasn’t going have kids or wasn’t sure I wanted them. I had no desire or longing to be a mom or a mother and to be honest I wasn’t even sure I liked them. It’s funny to see that A LOT of my friends don’t have kids, have kids through marriage or just one kid. I just always thought being a mom and sharing my time was not for me. I would tell people I’m too selfish to have kids, and here we are so many years later and I have two amazing kids of my own.

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As I think back on my life what really got me her to be a mom or a mother, I have to say it’s all because of my amazing husband Joel. And because of that I am so lucky to be a mom. I really want to thank all the jerks that I dated over the years that lied, cheated and broke my heart because when Joel came into my life, I know he was the one and the one I would have kids with. Sounds kind of cheesy I know, but it’s the truth. After we were married I told him when we bought a house, I would have a baby. 8 months later we bought our first home and by that next July we welcomed Charley. I had a deal with myself that if I did not have kids by the time I was 30, then having kids were just not in my cards. Charley was born a month before my 30th birthday.

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I am very blessed to have two beautiful smart young girls, Charley and Jaylee, that have not only brought a whole new meaning to my life, but raising girls has shown me a whole new level of drama. God knew exactly where I would be today and how much I would need to be their mother. So, on this Mother’s Day whether your a Mom, Mamma, Mother or just someone’s angel that is always their for them, just know how important you are to them. We all know this world needs real, strong amazing women in it! It does not matter if you gave birth to a child, married into children, or maybe you are that mother figure that loves them though it all…this day is for you and how much you are appreciated even if it’s not said in words.



I do have an extraordinary mother & grandmothers, along with amazing women that have seen me struggle with things over the years. I am also blessed to have people in my life that are mother figures to me or that guiding light I need. I want to say THANK YOU for always loving me and keeping it real!

Happy Mother’s Day to you! Lo
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