Success Stories

LeAnn Hart Ministries 

Lorinda, is one of those women who not only stands out but encourages you to stand with her. If you aren’t empowered by her influence then you need to turn up the volume. We are living in times where everyone is constantly competing with one another. It’s nice to know there is someone like Lorinda who is willing to dig deeper and venture out of the shallows to draw from the most unique inner parts of our individuality. 



The Branded Beauty Lash 

Lo has mentored and poured into our business with passion, wisdom, and dedication. She understands our vision, attends to every detail and not only delivers but exceeds all expectations. A business and marketing mastermind mixed with authenticity, “Lo magic” will take any or business to another level!

Wilson Capron - Capron Bits and Spurs 

April 2020 marked 21 years of me being in business. Lorinda and I were introduced when she placed and order for some spurs.  Lo politely informed me she had never heard of me and that was a problem.  There hasn’t been a day go by since our introduction that she hasn’t been trying to fix that for me. Lo’s guidance and support couldn’t be better. In the short time she has grabbed the wheel of my marketing train the response has been huge!  I can’t wait to hear her next idea for our future.

Shawn Wiese – XD Sports

Lorinda is a joy to work with, her energy and passion are contagious. I’ve worked with her in a few different scenarios, from negotiating an athlete sponsorship to receiving valuable input from her on a project of my own. In both situations, she was black and white, to the point and respectful. All of the things I value in business dealings.”

Bill Ford – C2 Family

“Getting new customers and followers to respond in a very busy social media world is difficult with out a strategy. Lorinda began her strategy with a thorough understanding of us and our target consumer prior to launching a successful campaign for C2 Family Ministries. She grew our reach by over 25% in only a couple of weeks. “


Jeff Jones – Twisted X Boots CFO

“Lorinda brings energy, creativity, passion and vision together and lays it out with clarity and purpose. She brings a diverse background and experience and can see a business from many perspectives. Lorinda is an expert in branding and getting product in front of people and has proven she knows how to leverage social media, event marketing and more traditional avenues to get attention and keep the attention of customers. She is also gifted in fashion and design and understands business processes and operations. Lorinda approaches all she does with excitement and passion and I highly recommend her.”


Martina Costa – Terra Bella

“Brains, beauty and class. That’s what you get with Lorinda Van Newkirk. Whether its working on marketing ideas or fashion networking, she is at the top of the game. I value her strong business sense as she always encourages me to shoot for the highest goals, no matter how crazy they can be. She’s a rockstar in my book.”


Quincy Freeman – Rodeo Quincy

“They say behind every successful woman is a bunch of other successful women that have your back; Lorinda Van Newkirk is one of those women. She is one of the fiercest, most hardworking, skilled and down to earth entrepreneurs I have ever met. She has both inspired and uplifted so many others as well as myself through her own pursuits and selfless motives. Not only is she an asset in business but a true friend and teacher.”

Michael Willoughby – Rodeo Results

“As a new entrepreneur to the Western Lifestyle sector, coming across Lorinda Van Newkirk helped my business tremendously. The advice she had given to me and our company saved us both time and dollars that made sense. I found Lorinda to be creative, innovative, and responsive, as well as a great listener. When asked upon, Lorinda has always been able to connect my company with the right individuals or company that fit our needs. The relationship with RodeoResults and Lorinda has been greatly beneficial to the success or our company. Simply said….SHE’s AWESOME!”


Fallon Taylor – World Champion Barrel Racer

“Working with Lorinda has helped my brand grow exponentially! Her constant input into design, social media promotions and fan interaction has been a major key for my brand to make maximum impact. “



Katie Schaa – Katie’s Case

“I have known and worked with Lorinda now for four years the amount of information and knowledge she has provided to me has grown my business and myself exponentially. Lorinda is efficient in what she does, resourceful and always leaves the line for communication open. She provided me with services on how to gain a new customer base which then turned to more sales. She is a marketing and branding genius. I value her ability to for see changes in the market and social media and adapt to them. Since working with her so many doors have opened for me and I look forward to working with her for years to come.”



Leslie Thompson – Dusty Rocker Boots

“Lorinda is the best! Excellent services and a great resource! She has helped me immensely. Lo has offered guidance in many areas for me, from tiny decisions in the office, all the way up to investment/partnership decisions I have been faced with. One of Lorinda’s most impressive attributes is her enthusiasm and willingness to help others TRULY succeed. She has a heart for success. Lo’s wealth of knowledge from experience in a wide variety of areas is what makes her successful. Lorinda is incredibly easy to work with and talk to, and thankfully she keeps it fun!!!! She approaches each conversation individually. There is no one-size-fits-all approach with Lorinda. She listens and then tailors recommendations. Her knowledgeable, creative encouragement is a must for new and experienced business owners alike. “


Chad Prather – TV/Film personality

“Lorinda Van Newkirk is a visionary. In the world of fashion and western culture she sees beyond the horizon and sets the tone for things to come. She is a professional that is setting the pace for the industry to follow.”



Katie Bray – The Rowdy Rose

“Love Lo! Her innovation of this industry has been an inspiration to all us entrepreneurs that think #outsidethebox . Boundaries are made to be broken! Her fierce style and encouraging words have inspired me on more than many occasions. Proud to be a #soulesister”



Lari Dee Guy – World Champion Roper

Lorinda and I have been friends for many years. I first met her when she was selling tack out of her One Stop Tack Trailer. I always knew she would “be someone” and she proved that when she grew her own successful business.Lorinda has always been reliable, honest, and hard working.A year ago, I came to Lorinda with a big idea. I needed her fun, creative ideas in order to get the ball rolling. She was willing to help me execute and because of her help I was able to accomplish my goal!What I appreciate most about working with Lorinda is her determination to get the job done!



Kerra Elizabeth McAhren – Western Horseman Makeover Winner

Life’s gotta funny way of keeping score. Meeting the ladies behind what was once Gypsy Soule, undoubtedly lit up my scoreboard. Inspiration and change can come from so many places: music, people, and circumstances. For me, it was in a beautiful hotel room off the strip of Las Vegas. Lorinda, Co-Founder of Gypsy Soule showed me how poignant and power a woman could be if her heart was set on something she loved.Life can change so rapidly. In the blink of an eye it can go from good to bad. It can also turn around just as fast. I watched incredible women have to walk away from something they had worked so hard for. The one thing I kept thinking was “gosh they never stop fighting to be better and they never stop moving forward.” They have used this experience to not only grow, but also rise from this and create a new path for themselves. I hope to be half as strong as they are.With Lorinda’s help I have changed from a “plain Jane” kinda girl, who was just taking life as it came, to this woman who is trying to reel in big fish two at a time. People may attribute this transformation to the makeover and fashion show Lorinda put together for me, and that’s ok. Really it was in her Las Vegas hotel room, over a crown and seven up in a Starbucks cup. Quietly listening to what was happing to the women of Gypsy Soule, what they were going through and how they were handling it. These women I admired so much, ultimately changed how I looked at life.



Kelsey Johnson – TurnBack Pony

As a first time business owner, Lorinda Van Newkirk has went above and beyond helping me. She assisted me in developing my vision for my brand and gave me guidance on marketing strategies that have helped me gain accounts in retail stores. I would recommend Lorinda’s services to any visionary wanting to get their brand to the next level. She has been a tremendous blessing in my life!



Sheridan Cummings – Elite Barrel Racing

I am always thrilled to work with Lorinda; she’s super creative, professional and just gets stuff done! Those are the magic components that are a part of every successful business formula. One of the most important qualities that Lorinda possesses is her authenticity. She is an absolute original and blazes new trails with confidence, experience and good instincts. I would never hesitate at the opportunity to work with her in the future and would recommend her to anyone wanting to elevate their brand!



Shane Holman – Ariat International Senior Director of Global Western Merchandising and Trend – Envie Boutique Owner

Lorinda is a rock star on all fronts! She is for one a great person, and for two a dynamic business woman. She is smart, organized, creative, thinks outside the box, and an innovator. She is a motivator in our industry! She is a role model for women as an entrepreneur, wife, and mom! I have worked with Lorinda for over 10 years now and have always enjoyed collaborating with her! She is always thinking of new ideas and product ideas that are fresh to the western market. Her sense of style is always cutting edge and she in an inspiration to all! I have worked with her at Ariat on many projects including a collection of footwear. I have also worked with her with our Boutique Envie as a curator and promoter. All in all hands down #TeamLorinda.



Jaimee Hossack – Girl Boss Productions

What a fabulous, professional, and inspirational women!
I had the pleasure of working with Lorinda on a project in Las Vegas NV at the MGM Grand.
I not only walked away with a successful show but yet a sincere friendship!
Truly Powerful women that knows just how to make it happen.

Myristol Enterprises LLC

Lorinda joined us to regenerate and help establish new marketing efforts, for a company that has to be fiercely competitive with its product line to be successful. Her energy and drive, coupled with her ability to both understand the particulars of our market dynamic, and to invite and add key players where needed, started a company turnaround that had long been absent.


Lee Olsen – AFA certified Journeyman Farrier – Olsen Equine CJF

Lorinda is a marketing magician, she is constantly thinking outside of the box to find new ways to help you reach your goals! She has been very creative helping Olsen Equine CJF grow, the value she adds is absolutely priceless. In a world where talk is cheap Lorinda’s results speak for themselves! I use Lorinda because when I need help, I am only interested in using the very best!


Ron Ralls Performance Horses

Lorinda VanNewkirk has been a dream come true the past 2 years for Ron Ralls Performance Horses! She manages our clinics, collects the money and organizes everything to make our life easier! She is prompt and courteous to answer any questions that potential customers may have and goes over and beyond the call of duty!! She has such positive energy about her that I cannot imagine promoting our clinics without her on our team! Thank you Lorinda for all you do for Ron Ralls Performance Horses!