What .... Your just a mom!

The number one question of my life today is ….. So now that your Gypsy Soule life is over …. what do you do just saying home with you kids?

Why has that been the hardest question of my new life over the last 6 months to answer?  I guess I have always connected my worth to my job or what I am doing and when people say to me, your just hanging out at home with your kids, it made it sound like it’s nothing when it’s truly my most important work of my life! I will be teaching my kids how to be kind, honest and loving people when they grow up.

Today is Mother’s Day and Today I say Yes I am home with my girls.

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I am home.  I am right where God wants me.

I am the CEO, the CFO, the President and owning every part of motherhood. For the first time in a long time I am breathing in every moment of my life. I am walking a little slower and I am waking up every morning to braid hair instead of checking e-mails & numbers.

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Over the last 13 years of my life I have worked so hard and fought the fight to keep a company number one. I have had to be everything and be everywhere to grow and make a brand succeed. Never would I think I would be so thankful that fight is over.

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My new goal and daily challenge would be being a teacher and a leader to my girls. 


Today is Mothers Day, being a mom is so much more than anything I ever thought it would be. My girls are watching and hearing everything I do. They are exactly what Dr. Phil said tiny little chalk boards and we do the writing on them. I know what my little chalk board will say.

This last week I had a conference call with one of my consulting clients that has a booming retail business, is a wife and a mother of a very demanding 5 year old. The two hours that I spent on the phone with her was about so much more than about business, it was all about supporting mother hood and where God will take you if you let him.  I have been blessed with the gift of my struggles to help others with theirs. It is so easy to let work, or a business take the front seat in your life and when it should always be in the back seat. God, your Husband and your Family has to be whole first then the rest will fall into place. It’s so easy to see that now, but when you are in the work bubble you can’t see out of it!

The number one question women ask me is how do you feel like you are doing a good job working, being a wife, being a mom and being everything. I have the answer…… YOU CAN’T! I am sorry you can’t do it all, BUT, you can do your best…release yourself from all that guilt.

You need to remember what makes your life so wonderful that you have?
Your Faith?
Your marriage?
Your Kids?
Your work?
Your hobbies?

If you give all your time to your work than that’s all you going to have? Yes we all have to work and pay our bills but what are you working so hard for if your faith, marriage and family sucks! Trust me, I have had all my priorities all out of order…  It’s easy to do.

Remember you are in control of your life and family!

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You are the CFO, the CEO, the PRESIDENT and the owner of your family.
Get your chalk and starting writing what your kids life will say!

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Happy Mother’s Day, hugs and Kisses LO