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 Lorinda Van Newkirk’s razor sharp business insight has helped her create many successful businesses and brands. She became an expert at branding, running and promoting businesses over the last 25 years. She has owned several multi million dollar business of her own and promoted others. She consistently had her product promoted in national magazines such as People, Cowboy & Indians, Cowgirl, 360 West, Parker Country Today, US Weekly, American Cowboy, People Country and many more. Along with her products making appearances in goodie bags at MTV Movie, ACM’s & CMT Award shows. She knows what is needed to drive businesses and how to determine what customers want and need, which are necessities for a successful brand.




The only thing between fear and excitement is your attitude about it.

Lorinda Van Newkirk loves to create and inspire. It is vital to a business, just as it is to an individual, to know what message to send.

Lorinda has spent half of her life successfully branding and building multi million dollar businesses, her own and those of others. She knows what is needed to drive business and how to determine what customers wants and needs, which are necessities for building a successful brand or company.

Lorinda has proven herself to be as dynamic as the industry she is in.—always changing and improving. She strives to be a living example that God has a plan for each of us, and that giving up is never an option. She embraces her rock-n-roll sense of style and uses that to power her life, and, in the process, she hopes to empower others.

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Lorinda understands what has to be created to enhance the image, brand and sales of businesses or individuals. There are many amazing ideas that go unnoticed due to poor media relations. Lorinda’s main goal is to make sure the product and the name are reaching the target consumer, getting to the right media outlet and building the appropriate relationships to promote growth.

There are times when a business or organization requires an outside entity to see itself clearly. When day-to-day tasks have become mundane, when there’s no clear path to success and everything needs refreshing, it’s often time to consult with an expert who possesses experience across the spectrum of business.